“Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” used by brands

Black friday and cyber monday : must-attend event

These events are very much used by brands in order to sale products at smaller prices. Sales are huge in stores and people knows about it, they rush into stores and brands are using it to attract them. Nowadays the term “black Friday” is synonym of joy and excessive sales by stores but it wasn’t like this back in the days. We are also going to talk about Cyber Monday which is also a shopping holiday that works with people. It’s entertaining, like a fun holiday which invite us to buy do good deals. Let’s begin with where the term “Black Friday” comes from :

The origins of the term “Black Friday”

At first, the term was used in an article of the New York Times in 1870. It refered to the crash of the gold market the year before, it did not connoted good at the time. They tried to give the term a more positive way with “Big Friday”. But the term “black Friday” has became the connotation we know today representing good deals for holiday shoppers all around the world.


Black Friday is now a tradition in many countries and is about good deals for customers, big sales at an excessive way for the biggest happiness of people. Brands know about it and use it. With the change of consuming habits of people who spend much more time online, brands have been adapting to this phenomenon and know where to find buyers.

They key for the brand is to produce a campaign that build a long-term equity rather than many sales in one day on black Friday. But who can resist to make much more money on one day on the excuse of holidays? Not brands. Some brands use Black Friday in order to increase mental availability of their brand, that way people will have their brand on their mind very quicky in the memory of a big sale on the Black Friday.

Black Friday is also the occasion for brand to acquire new customers rather than maintain relationship with regulars. For example the brand Patagonia raised 10 million $ with their campaign with the hashtag “Love our planet” on Black Friday. They gave the benefits to an association for the environment.

Brands can also deliver a message to customers in order to be distingued by other brands, with visuals on the site online, good promotions, spirit of happiness and opportunity.

In conclusion Black Friday is a good opportunity for brands to make more sales, attract new customers, build trust with customers and distingue by others.

“Cyber Monday”


Then came the “Cyber Monday” in 2005, it’s the holiday when brands give excellent deals for technologic products. It’s a shopping holiday that brands use in order to increase sales of technologic products and it can only work in a technologic world like ours now.

So you have the big occasion to buy iPad, television, computer, phone at smaller prices and it’s not to disappoint customers. As Black Friday, it’s a very good opportunity to attract new customers and making last relationship with older ones.

What a beautiful holiday? Cyber Monday have been tradition for plural years now and it’s working for brands like Amazon, Best buy…

In 2016 according to Adobe digital Insights, customers spent 6 billion $ on Cyber Monday and Black Friday which proves that holiday shopping works for stores. For more researches, according to data Shopify store owners generated 3,6 times more orders on Black Friday, when Cyber Monday generated 3,1 more orders. These two shopping holidays works the same way and generate same benefits.

We can so conclude that Cyber Monday and Black Friday works the same way and are both benefic to brands whom uses theses holidays to make more sales, increase their popularity, attract new customers and make happy older ones. It’s a very effective marketing technic that brands know about and big stores like Amazon, Best buy or Walmart use it. It’s also very effective at international in other countries like Spain or France.



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How brands look after their reputation on the web?

brand reputation


Reputation on the web

Let’s think a minute. When we look for a product, a holiday rent, a new car, what we look at first is the price, the location, but also what people say about it. For a brand, it is exactly the same process. That is why, looking after your reputation is important for your identity.


The reputation on the web is based on what a brand publishes on the web but also what is told about her. It’s about pictures, websites, social networks, but also comments you post on blogs. Everybody’s concerned by the reputation on the web: associations, factories, brands, independent workers… Nobody can go through it. Here are a few tips for you, to increase your identity and reputation on the web.

1- Make an inventory of fixtures, offline. It is important to know what you hear wbout your brand outside. Think about what your users say to you when they buy your product and what they say after. Do they seem happy, disappointed, excited? Do they usually come back in your after-sales service, to complain about your products? Do they come back often in your stores because they are really satisfied? Write it all down, in order to know about the points that are good, and the ones that are less good. Your reputation on the web will principally be based on this information.

2- Now, it’s time to do it online! In fact, before to be focus on your reputation on the web. It is important to understand and know what is actually said about you. For doing that, it is all about reading the comments made on your brands’ social networks pages. It’s also about reading what is told on blogs, forums, by your users or potential users. That will permit to know the reputation you already have for net surfers.

3-Create a google alerts account and follow some RSS Feed to be well informed about your work field. In fact, it will help you to know about trends, about what your challengers say on the web and how they do it. It is important in order to keep a good reputation, to follow the trends, in order to know what people like, and think about you work field. The fact of be informed of your challengers’ way to publish on the web will help you to follow an already done path.

4- Be careful of your followers. In fact, people usually like, comments on posts. To ignore these comments would be a big mistake. If they comment on your brand’s pictures and post, that mean that they are interested in your page and your brand more generally. So, they want you to answer in order to show that you are also interested in what they think about you. If you don’t, people will think that their opinions are not important to you, so that will decrease your reputation.

5- On your websites and social network’s pages, publish good and useful content. It is not about saying when an employee retires, or when it is the birthday of the brand’s creator. No. Say to your followers when a new product arrives, when a product comes back. Tell them if an event is programmed, and give details about it. To be short, be careful of what you publish on your brand’s pages, and don’t publish anything until you are sure that your followers will like.

6- The content you publish must exactly reflect your identity. If you are a brand of women clothes, very expensive, your website must show it. Use black, gold colours, but keep in mind that it is the women that are going to read your brand’s blog and pages. If you have a dime store, then your page must be very simple and pure, with a lot of colours. Whatever is your identity, always stay coherent, and don’t forget your principal activity. If you don’t do it, your reputation will decrease a lot…


So, these tips will probably very useful if you have just started or launched your brand. Most of the new born brands ignore that the e reputation is one of the most important success or failure factors. Know what is said about you on and offline in order to adapt your content to the verbatim. Open your mind and look for trends, thanks to your challengers content.  Don’t ignore the comments even though they are bad. Then, don’t forget your identity and try and make it visible on the web

Now go ahead and create your brand’s web page! All the keys are in your hands!