Nespresso: the biggest brand of coffee

Nespresso : a historical brand

Nespresso was created in 1986 as a subsidiary of the swiss group “Nestle”. Nespresso is a premium priced coffee. Nespresso is present all over the world with more than 300 retails shops in more than 60 country all around the world.

nespresso brand

Nespresso’s success is made of his high-end positioning in the coffee market. They has based his strategy on:

  • Designed coffee machines
  • Quality of coffee
  • Service
  • Communication

The coffee cap : a revolution in the coffee market

Nespresso was the first brand to think about the coffee cap! A brilliant idea that made the coffee market change. Nespresso created the first machine in 1986. Three years later, the “Nespresso club” is create. The club is one of the distinctive feature.

The gain of an international image with George Clooney

Nespresso became more known when George Clooney became the mascot of Nespresso. With his image and reputation, the actor has given a world reputation to the brand. George Clooney made everyone know the baseline and build the reputation: what’s else? 4 years later, Nespresso has open a boutique in China. The brand has a singular design in its stores. Everything is made to make feel us in a very luxury shops of coffee. The design of the stores and Nespresso’s image are completely related.

A great reputation for the brand with the Positive Cup action

Nowadays Nespresso is more than 650 boutiques present in more than 65 countries. The brand has also created a recycling project for the coffee cap. Nespresso has launch the “positive cup”. The brand has defined its ambitions in sustainable development until 2020. Their objectives are to made coffee and protected the environment.  Environnement is nowaday a very important value for people.  If a brand care for environnement, they would have a better image.

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