Top 5 best brand identity reputation

brand identity reputation article

Top 5 of the best brand : identity and reputation

1. Nike: the best brand identity and reputation


Nike has driven the sneaker culture in the world. The brand has through the year make the sneakers famous. It is now a norm to wear snearkers at work or in your everyday life. They took atheles to promote their differents modeles. Nike has a very good brand reputation and also a great identity : simple and easily memorizable. Brand identity reputation

2. Apple: remarkable brand reputation and identity


Apple has created a empire with his laptop and phones and other product. They used an easily identifiable brand identity. The reputation of Apple is also very good : a great brand with qualities product and design. Nowaday it’s harder for apple to keep his place in the top brand identity reputation. Other brand like Samsung propose very design product and phones.


3. Coca-Cola : one of the most powerful brand identity and reputation


Coca-Cola has created an empire since 1977 ! The brand has use the communication and marketing to build it.  The typography has not change since 1977 : the red color is very memorizable. They also use a lot of commercial and they are implated in sponsorisation.

4. Amazon : the brand identity became stronger and the reputation is nowaday better

best brand identity reputation

The brand identity reputation of Amazon has became more important these last years. They created the Amazon Prime and can delivery in 1 day. In a world where everything go faster Amazon has understand the stakes ! They cretead a new plateforme where you can rent movies and series. Amazon always innovate. They can manufacture and distribute self produced books.

5. Facebook : a great brand identity reputation

brand identity reputation facebook

Facebook has some reputation problem these day with the sale of confidential date of the users. A lot of famous personn has delate them profil to protest again these convenient and some big brand has also delate they Facebook Brand Page. The brand identity of Facebook still memorizable but the reputation is not so positive with the scandal.

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