Our team

Cinq Agency : brand identity and reputation

Discover our agency and watch the video ! The all team will be very happy to work on your brand reputation. We can propose you sevral performance to improve it.


Our engagements : improve your reputation

Your reputation is very important for your business: you can sale more product, have more contact and business opportunity. It is positive to be good seen by the consumers. Your consumers has to be in your mind. We will propose you the best solution to you request.

What can we bring you ?

We are five communications studients and we decided to creat an agency. We want to propose you the best service and advices to improve your brand reputation. We are experts in the field of brand, reputation and identity of firm. The team will help you in your project and to enhance your brand reputation and the perception of your consumers.

Who are we ?

  • Nina, content marker. She write all content for our client and also for our website. She work specially on the reputation through article. Discover more about her
  • Morgane, motion graphics designer. She is in charge of all the graphic design for our clients. She create animations for brands. She will work on your brand reputation and identity. Learn more about Morgane
  • Anaïs, art director. Anaïs will created and defined with you, your brand identity. With her, you will define the value of your brand. Your logo need to reflect your compagny. More infos about Anaïs
  • Rosalie, illustrator. She will help increasing your sail or reputation with her drawns. Your compagny will have a better image. More informations about Rosalie
  • Emilie, agency director. She will make the connection between the team and your brand. Your project will be more easy to conduct ! Learn more about Emilie