Agency director – Brand identity

Brand identity reputation

Emilie, director of our brand reputation agency

I am twenty two years old. I love to work one new project and be always more creative with my team ! My role in Cinq Agency is to make sure that the client’s demand will be satisfied. I am in charge of the global strategy of our agency and  of the planning. I also need to have a 360 vision of the situation.

We think that our brand identity is the most important ! We are here to help you. Cinq Agency also work on brand’s reputation. It is very important for your client that you have

Our work for your brand identity reputation

We can help you to became well-known ! Brand identity is a way to present your compagny and how consumers can perceived your brand. It’s all about: the name of the compagny, the logotype, the colors used and all visuals element. Our work is to help you to stay in consumer’s mind !

How to created a good brand identy or reputation ?

You have to work on your values : how do you want to be percieved  by the consumers ? What do you want to be compare to competing companies ? Your reputation is very important. As a compagny, you need to proove your strength. People need to heard about your brand !

You need to created a unique and memorisable logo. The idea is that people have to look at your logo once a time and he,she will remember it ! Your logo is also a way to convey your value. Your logotype has to be functionnal. Your audience need to understand it very quickly. It should be memorable even in black and white.

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